Editorial Policy

Four20 Report is proud of its clean editorial policy. Yes, our editorial content is totally clean. By that we mean that no one — not even Snoop — can pay to be featured in the newsletter, website, or social channels. Every trending article, munchable treat, product, service, person, or otherwise — you get it! — has been hand-selected by our editorial team and chosen because… well… we think it’s pretty dope.

That said, occasionally subscribers will receive a note (read: email) from one of our Best Buds (aka friends with benefits, aka sponsors). These Best Buds emails are paid for by our sponsored and labeled — uh-huh, you guessed it — “Best Buds:” in the subject line.

Rest assured, any content messages you receive from Four20 Report always share a commitment to authenticity and accuracy; filled with products and services we rely on ourselves or strongly believe are making a positive difference in the cannabis space.

If you have questions regarding the editorial policy, please get in touch immediately. Thank you.