How to Navigate the Alcohol x Marijuana Crossfade Minefield

I like to get right to the facts: Did you know that alcohol significantly increases the THC levels in your bloodstream from each hit? Like, we know you’ve thought it – a million times – but did you know it to be true? That means, a single glass of wine can turn the feeling of a fat blunt into a feeling of three even fatter blunts.

And, that’s not a good thing.

It’s not recommended – by doctors and scientists and your parents (or us, really) – to mix alcohol and cannabis. It can be a bad idea; leading to irrational highs, periodic mood swings, and a harder crash at the end of the night. (Also, chance for vomiting is over 60%.) Still, people are going to do it. So, here are some things you need to know.

Think about what you’re putting into your body. Does “Tequila never end well?” Does a more THC-potent strain make you suuuper paranoid? Well, maybe don’t pair those two. It seems like common sense, but when your judgement is the first impairment to go we can often forget. It’s recommended you do some light (and responsible) trial-and-error testing. Starting with the things you know that work. And, keep the liquor of choice above bottom shelf; in the high times, these things matter.

Remember your limits. We all *KNOW* our limits but, again, our judgement often drifts away on us in moments like these. Remember that any kind of alcohol will increase your high. So, go slow.

Don’t go in it alone. The trial and error period can be a scary place. Have a friend join you and share in the process of navigating the evening, checking in to see where each of you are at (vertically), and make sure you both get home safely at the end of the night.

Never forget to hydrate. Drinking alone is cause for regular trips to the water fountain and pot is a notorious dehydrator. Make sure you’re in regular consumption of water and you’ll find a lesser hangover and be better to avoid the pukes.

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