3/19 Editor’s Note: This is Crazy

It’s crazy to me to think that this whole thing started over coffee, six months ago. I told a friend I had “a little interest” in bringing my decade of experience in building and empowering entrepreneurial pursuit to the cannabis space. “There’s a lot of work to be done,” I told her, “A lot of brands are really missing the mark.”

That quick quip lead to a few introductions and those introductions lead to some awesome creative synergies and those synergies lead to more introductions and… well… here we are.

This is the inaugural release of FOUR20 Report – a bi-weekly industry newsletter dedicated to aggregating, weeding out, and sharing the latest and greatest feats within the cannabiz space. The goal is to capture and relay articles across breaking and trending topics, spotlight some of the disruptive products and services shaking down the space, pepper in a few exclusive event invitations and otherwise engage a like-minded readerbase.

Eventually, The Report will have its own editorial calendar – each month slightly amplifying a different category – but for now we’re just sharing what we think is interesting, inspiring, or just generally worth the read.

In short: FOUR20 Report is meant to keep me, Eric Michael, attune with the industry growth spurts as I work to grow my creative collective and cannapreneurial client base. That said, I’m excited to have you here – holding me accountable. Thanks for subscribing.

If you’d like to get in touch either to pitch a story, partner on a campaign, or just want to drop us a hello you can send your introduction to editor@four20report.com and the team and I will happily follow-up with a reply in 1-2 business days.

Cheers! To the start of something great,

Eric Michael
Eric Michael


Founder and Principal Consultant of FOUR20 Creative Collective, Eric Michael proudly wears the hat of Editor-in-Chief; overseeing all aspects of editorial, partnerships, and activations.

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